Growing Cherry Tomatoes

Simple way to growing cherry tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes are very delicious and you don’t have to wait for a particular season to grow them. They are easy to grow in almost every climate, from Hydroponic to Seed ,.>

They are loved for their taste and are commonly used in salads. Growing Cherry tomatoes do not require much of care and can be grown in pot , Indoors , Containers or even a patio. The plant bears tastier fruit than the normal tomatoes.

Here are a few tips you can follow when growing Sweet hundred cherry tomatoes and Sun gold, Ripening them. It is very simple and a non-Gardener can also grow them without any hassle.

To begin with you can buy aseedling of cherry tomatoes from any of the nursery. The best time to get them is after the last frost in spring. You can look out for heirloom variety or you can evencheck out for pearl variety. Two plants of cherry tomatoes are enough as they bear plenty of fruit.

Choose a place with plenty of sunlight. Use compost or other organic matter for better growth. The soil should be moist. You would need to keep a watch that the soil doesn’t get dry. The plant should get six hours of sunlight daily. You can use a pot with foam work or fiberglass. These materials don’t allow the water to evaporate from the roots. May sure that there are drainage holes in the containers that you are using.

Should you choose to plant cherry tomatoes in the ground, make sure to make a hole big enough for the roots. Keep a check that the green plantcomes above the ground level and the roots are put properly in the ground. You can support the plant with some stick, so it remains firm.

Water the plant kindly and do not let the container overflow with water. Cherry tomato plant requires water every alternate day, Plant Caring and make sure that you fertilizes the plant with liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

If you have bought cheery tomatoes from the market, you can keep two or three of them aside. Remove the seeds and wipe off the slimy coating. Use kitchenpaper to lay out the cherry seeds with the help oftweezers.

Put the kitchen paper on a plate and pour some tap water on it so that the seeds stay moist.

To avoid light, you can place the plate in a cupboard. Keep a check on the water every twenty-four hours, so that the seeds remain moist. They will sprout within few days and you will see a white root of one to two centimeters coming out of the seed.

This is the time when you can place the seed in the pot. Sow the root one centimeter in the pot. When you see the first leaf growing, pluck it and keep it in a bigger pot. The leaf has as much root. In one pot you canmanage to grow two to three plants. You can put a stick in between the plants to support them. Protect the plant from the wind.

Growing cherry tomotoes to me is simple and easy. Use the above guide and rewards yourself with agood harvest