Easy Growing Indoor Plants

Plants can make your home more colorful, inviting, and purify the air by removing harmful toxins.

Tender, loving care involves regular watering, feeding, and transplanting when necessary. However there are easy growing indoor plants that require less maintenance than others. We have listed below some of the easiest to grow as well as notes on their care.

Types of Easy Growing Indoor Plants

For people who do not have a lot of free time, carefree leafy plants provide decorative greenery without the fuss.

Dragon Plant

This tropical plant grows from 18 inches to 6 feet. Available in numerous varieties, its leaves are green, yellow-green, in bunches on fairly long stems. For green leafed types, the dragon plant prefers a well-ventilated location that is partially shaded. Water as needed. Avoid water logging. Put in a fertilizer stick in the spring or fertilize every two weeks in summer. Repot every 1-2 years. Variegated types need more light than green-leafed varieties. Arrange tall plants on the floor and shorter ones on windowsills and shelves.

Baby Panda Bamboo

This tropical sweet grass reaches heights of 20 to 28 inches. This easy growing indoor plants selection prefers a sunny location that is fairly humid and warm year round. Water abundantly to keep from drying out. Fertilize once a week in summer. Mist often in the morning or afternoon. Repot every spring. Place in an elevated spot to display overhanging stems.

Snake Plant

The succulent leafy plant grows up to 3 feet high. It forms thick leaf clusters and blooms in the springtime. Older plants produce greenish white, pleasant smelling blossoms. Keep the plant in a bright and warm location year round. Protect from intense midday sun. Varieties with all green foliage tolerate partial shade. Water as needed but keep moderately dry. Fertilize sparingly in the summer months. Repot as necessary in a shallow pot.


These charming plants are almost indestructible, making them ideal for beginners. They grow 6 to 8 inches tall. The striking plant has small, gray shimmering leaves and ear like clusters of blooms with pink to purple flowers. Locate the easy growing indoor plants in a well-ventilated area that receives full sun. Mist once a day in the summer using lukewarm water. Water once a week in the wintertime. Add a little fertilizer now and then in the summertime.

Tips for Easy Growing Indoor Plants

When deciding on which plants to buy: check the leaves, buds, and flowers for any signs of disease or infestation. Choose plants that are evenly covered. The leaves should be clean but not shiny. Do not buy a plant that has yellowing foliage or leaves with brown spots, edges, or blotches. Avoid wilted plants. Roots that are poking through the drainage hole indicate the plant has been in the pot too long.

Many plants grow well from cuttings of a parent plant. Take cuttings from a neighbor’s plant. How much time you can devote to indoor gardening makes a difference in which plants you choose since some plants need more care than others. There are many low maintenance plants to select from. A plant that lasts for a long time in virtually any environment is the best case scenario for easy growing indoor plants.

Decide on the placement for the plants before purchasing. If you do not have access to sun-lit windows, a shade loving plant may be your best choice. Your plants need at least six hours of light, whether artificial or natural lighting.

Most plants can tolerate a wide range of temperatures as long as they are not exposed to drafts. Air/heating vents can cause your plants to dry out more quickly. Generally, easy growing indoor plants prefer a temperature range of 60-65 degrees at night and 70-75 degrees during the day.